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Aimee Walker Pond (Daughter of Patsy Clinger Walker) - Elite Gymnast - Guests on Baywatch - "Friends Forever" (1998) ... (Song performed by Jeanette Clinger  "We Can Do Anything")

Aimee Walker Pond, Gymnast was born completely deaf and blind in her right eye. And she is a former international elite level gymnast. Nothing has ever stopped her becoming one of the gymnasts who has competed at the national level! She has shattered many barriers. Today, she owns a business, Champion Sports Center, as a gymnast teacher training young kids and aspiring gymnasts to reach their dreams. Provo, Utah.

Aimee explains how her story begins at the release of No Excuses: The Story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond.

Raising the Bar won an Emmy Award from the Pacific Southwest region. It is the inspiring story of a BYU gymnast who excels at the Divions I level despite being deaf and blind in one eye. Reporter Sammy Linebaugh with the Mtn. Network

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