Quartz crystal Pendant ~ Similar to the ones Xabian used to heal his ailing geart.


"Xabian’s birth was a miracle. Days before he came into the world, QueenAurelia had a dream that told her their son had a hole in his heart and only the crystals from one special mountain, Terraminegema, could heal him. Queen Aurelia informed King Xarius and he called for his most skilled miners and sent them out in search of the magic crystals to keep their son alive. The miners arrived minutes before Xabian’s birth, presenting the king with the crystals as Xabian’s first screams rent the air. The king held his son in his arms, looking into the little babe’s angelic blue eyes for the first time, and shed a tear, and the queen wept with sheer happiness and gratitude as she kissed the face of her precious bundle of joy."


 In the Crystal Prince by Jeanette Clinger-Hurley where she transports you into an adventure where Love-Conquers-All, and the Heart is Mightier than the Sward and faith conquers fear and the true magical and transformational miracle of life is simple and pure… That love is the way, love is the only way. 

The Crystal Pendant

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